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    Introduction to the Video Presentations

    These videos describe the nature of Heart-Based Hospitality. Over the years, Peter McAlpine has created and developed Heart-Based Hospitality, which enables the hotel industry guest experience to go far beyond the industry’s self-imposed, artificial ceiling of 5-Stars. He believes that this is what the hotel industry’s guest experience will evolve into when hoteliers finally break away from certain obsolete, generally accepted paradigms and concepts, such as the guest experience concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction.

    He believes that SOP-Customer Satisfaction will fade away over coming years because it creates a largely mechanical and emotionless guest experience, which does not meet the emotional, energetic, wellness, and healing needs of human beings. Meeting these needs will be how hotels create larger and new sources of revenue. It will be the key to their success in fact. The future hotel guest experience will have to meet those needs, and Heart-Based Hospitality enables hotels to do this. The current concept cannot.

    The inability of the SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept to meet these needs as well as to provide authentic hospitality are its Achilles Heel and why it will fade away, even though nowadays it is considered to be the best guest experience concept possible.

    Unfortunately, though, it is difficult for hoteliers generally to accept an energetic approach to hospitality, which is rooted in the essence of hospitality, i.e. loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, because SOP-Customer Satisfaction and the paradigms of the hotel industry’s traditions have been the norm for decades.

    But SOP-Customer Satisfaction will die and there is already no point trying to keep it alive with new technology, new apps, new designs, new lobbies, new brands, new sub-brands, new smells, new loyalty programmes, greater efficiency, and the like, which is what the big hotel groups are trying to do.

    Energetic Heart-Based Hospitality based in love and compassion is the future of the hotel industry guest experience, and even this concept will evolve in wonderful and inconceivable ways. It is not the final destination – merely the next generation of guest experience, which will succeed SOP-Customer Satisfaction once the hotel industry lets goes of this now obsolete concept, which no longer meets the needs of human beings.


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