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      Science Proves That Human Consciousness Can Influence the Material World

      Nikola Tesla said it best, “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

      Similarly, the day the global hotel industry begins to study energy, a revolution will start to take place in the hospitality industry and the spirit of hospitality will undergo a major transformation. The revolution will send such strong vibrations globally around the hotel industry that even the leading hotel groups may disappear, if they do not adapt quickly. Of course, nobody will pay any attention to this now.

      Consciousness Influences Our Physical World

      Thoughts, intentions, prayer, and other units of consciousness can directly influence our physical material world and affect the feelings of other people. Consciousness can be a big factor in creating change on the planet and the hospitality industry. Thoughts of love,prayers of healing,love energy meditations, good intentions, and more, can have a powerful influence on whom or what you are directing those thoughts and feelings towards. This can be proven scientifically.

      The New Science

      Since the 1920’s, physicists have been exploring the relationship between human consciousness and its relationship to the structure of matter. Previously, it was believed that a Newtonian material universe was the foundation of our physical material reality. This all changed when scientists began to recognize that everything in the universe is made out of energy. Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating. Matter, at its tiniest observable level, is energy, and human consciousness is connected to it;and human consciousness can influence its behaviour and even restructure it. Indeed:

      “Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real” (Niels Bohr)

      The revelation that the universe is not an assembly of physical parts, but instead comes from an entanglement of immaterial energy waves stems from the work of Albert Einstein, Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, amongst others.

      This information should be top of the agenda in every corporate office Board Room meeting. It is so ironic that hotel groups are looking continuously for one big thing, which will give them the edge over all the other hotel groups. Well, here it is, staring them in the face, but they cannot see it; not just because it is not material or some piece of new technology, but also because it does not fit into their paradigms or worldview. A hotel group could use this information to transform their hospitality in a few months.

      False Assumptions About the World

      False Assumption 1
      The space between “things” is empty. New discoveries now tell us that this is simply not true.
      False Assumption 2
      Our inner experiences of feeling and belief have no effect on the world beyond our bodies. This has been proven absolutely wrong as well.

      Paradigm-shattering experiments published in leading-edge, peer-reviewed journals reveal that we are bathed in a field of intelligent energy that fills what used to be thought of as empty space.

      Additional discoveries show beyond any reasonable doubt that this field responds to us; and that it rearranges itself in the presence of our heart-based feelings and beliefs.

      This is the revolution that changes everything It means that since the time when Isaac Newton’s “laws” of physics were formalized in his 1687 release of PhilosophiaeNaturalis Principia Mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy), we have based what we accept as our capabilities and limits on information that is false or, at the very least, incomplete.Since that time, most science has been grounded in the belief that we are insignificant in the overall scheme of things. It has written us right out of the equation of life and reality!

      For 300 years, scientists believed that everything was separate, that an event in one place had no effect anywhere else. Scientists now acknowledge that Earth and our bodies are part of a unified field of energy, known by names that vary from the quantum hologram, to the divine matrix to the mind of God. Whatever we call it, the key is that this field is the conduit that carries our inner experiences of thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs directly into the world around us.

      This video by Gregg Braden explains this in more detail:

      Corporate Hoteliers Should Study the New Science

      Corporate hoteliers should study the New Science because they have set up the hotel industry on the mechanistic Newtonian worldview. You can see this is the global guest experience concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction, which creates hospitality in a mechanistic, almost robotic way while upholding the two false assumptions above.

      In contrast, Heart-Based Hospitality is an energy-oriented concept, which embraces the discoveries of the New Scienceabout the energetic nature of the world;the wisdom of ancient cultures about our connection with the world around us and how we can influence it; and also the teachings in the main religious textsabout love, kindness, compassion, heart-warming care, appreciation, and gratitude and how to deepen people in these spiritual values. The concept is supported by a simple structure and leadership behaviours, which enable the operational procedures of hospitality to be infused with energy and the essence of the spiritual values in a way that the spirit and the energy can be increased limitlessly and continuously.

      Until CEOs make it compulsory for their corporate hoteliers to study the New Science (which is unlikely to happen), nothing will change. SOP-Customer Satisfaction with its mechanistic approach to hospitality will just continue to rule. Mankind deserves better.

      The Importance of Opening the Heart of the Staff

      An Essential Part of Heart-Based Hospitality

      In conventional hotel hospitality the staff are trained to carry out their job duties as efficiently as they possible. They should show friendliness and care, but the spirit or energetic feeling of the hospitality they provide is not the main thing. But depending on whether their heart is open or closed, they will create a very different feeling in the guests, and a very different spirit and energy in the hotel.

      When creating Heart-Based Hospitality the foundation is to open the hearts of the hotel staff. Some staff respond very quickly while others need more time. Depending on their life experiences, some may need a much longer time. In contrast, opening the heart of the staff is not a feature of conventional hotel training though; hence the very obvious difference of spirit between SOP-Customer Satisfaction and Heart-Based Hospitality.

      What Does It Mean to Have an Open Heart?
      Having an open heart is an ideal state of being. When your heart is open, you let love flow through you. You feel open, accepting, and expansive. You feel wonderful, and it is a feeling you want to experience all the time. You want to show loving kindness, compassion, and care to others, and this desire grows inside you as your heart opens. There are many ways to open the heart and to create this wonderful happiness.

      When your heart opens, you feel like a rose opening, with waves of warm energy vibrating within the center of your chest, then emanating outward from your body in all directions. With this energetic expansion comes a sense of love, peace, and spiritual attunement with everyone and everything.As the blind Helen Keller said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

      Opening the Heart Increases the Intensity of Energy Flowing Through Us
      When we experience an unrestricted flow of loving energy flowing through our open heart, we feel relaxed, loving, and compassionate toward everyone and everything around us. We experience a sense of well-being; and we have the ability to tap into energy from our source to be creative in our lives.

      11 Signs That Your Heart Is Open.
      • You have a song in your heart.
      • Your heart centre feels warm and peaceful.
      • You smile and laugh easily.
      • You show affection towards others.
      • You love to hug.
      • You see the good in people.
      • You ignore the “bad” in people.
      • You are open to new experiences.
      • You accept people just the way they are.
      • You show interest in others.
      • You are in love with life.

      Human Beings Are Energetic
      To really understand the concept of an open heart; how to open the heart; and the benefits for hospitality of doing so, you have to accept that the world is also energetic in nature; that human beings are energetic beings; and that we have an energy system, which includes energy centres (chakras) and energy pathways that can get blocked and unblocked. When corporate offices discover the energetic nature of human beings and the world, the hotel industry will experience a revolution and an evolution in hospitality the likes of which have never been seen.

      However, this revolution is still many years away. When William Harvey suggested in 1628 that blood was pumped by the heart and flowed through the body in arteries, he was shunned and ridiculed. Now nobody disputes this. An equivalent now in the corporate offices of the hotel industry is the energetic nature of human beings and the world, and how energy can be used to transform the spirit of hospitality.

      Open-heartedness is associated with being warm and kind.

      If you see a person crying you probably can relate to him or her. An open heart empathizes with others, acknowledging their difficulties. Then the heart delves deeper into compassion, walking in another’s shoes, so to speak.

      For example, when you encounter a person from a war-torn country, you heart goes out to them. You feel their losses, connecting with your journey and ordeals, too, and you feel deep caring about their suffering.

      An open heart accesses the realms beyond logic, where inner feeling, hearing and seeing exist. It connects with your inner knowing, where you just know it is true or right, although you cannot prove it.

      The open heart detects nuances in people’s voices and facial expressions. It can find the sublime in works of art. For instance, it feels people’s souls in a portrait.

      In addition, the open heart uses gratitude to stay present with one’s life. It feels beyond itself, connecting to others in appreciative and respectful ways.

      The open heart both gives and receives love. It readily offers genuine praise and receives feedback (both positive and negative). When your heart is open, you listen carefully and respond graciously.

      Heart Based Hospitality May Still Be 15 Years Away

      I think that in the corporate offices of hotel groups, understanding about the possibilities of Heart-Based Hospitality may be another 15 years away. I say this because after contacting the Board Members of over 70 hotel groups for over 3 years in a row there seems to be a refusal to even consider that there could be a better direction than the traditional guest experience concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction. Indeed, it is hard to imagine any corporate hotelier daring to question it at the moment.

      What Does Heart-Based Living Mean?

      For many people nowadays, the mind controls much of their lives, despite the intuitive nudging they constantly receive from the heart. The mind dictates their understanding, actions, reactions and decisions, based largely on learned response patterns, which seem to have a lock on their lives. Time and again, the heart seeks to intervene, to offer advice – but quite often the mind overrides that advice.

      HeartMath founder Doc Childre explains: “Heart-based living refers to all intentions and actions that express qualities of the heart in daily life. These heart qualities can include things like appreciating or caring for others, expressing kindness to those around you and giving back by volunteering to work with others to relieve suffering in humans or animals and to help the planet.” Love and compassion can be added to the heart qualities.

      Throughout history, people have said that we should follow our heart. “Why?” Childre asks. “Because people instinctively know that their heart’s intuition yields the highest outcome – often at the expense of the mind’s opinions, preferences and habits.”

      “Heart-based living is about including your heart’s intuition as you navigate through life’s relationships and events. This brings balance to your mind and emotions and unfolds your authentic self.” (Doc Childre, founder of HeartMath)

      With this in mind, corporate hoteliers must surely feel intuitively that something is missing from their guest experience and that SOP-Customer Satisfaction does not and cannot provide it. I cannot believe that they would like their married life or family life to be based on SOP-Customer Satisfaction, yet they have decided that this is how hospitality should be provided to mankind.

      Heart Based Hospitality Uses The Heart as an Organ of Perception

      What Is Heart-Based Perception?

      In modern day society, especially in the Western world, if you were to ask someone to point to the place in their body where their consciousness is located and their decisions are made, they would most likely point to their head.
      Our indigenous ancestors, however, would respond to the same question by pointing to their hearts. They understood the heart’s ability to intelligently perceive and decipher the world around them, and acknowledged the limitations and reductionist nature of living in a manner in which one relies primarily on the mind.
      They went beyond the thoughts in their heads, using the heart as an organ of perception to connect with the energy fields of other organisms – not just other humans, but the earth as well – in order to fully immerse themselves in the deeper meanings embodying their thoughts.
      Engaging in this kind of heart-based perception and communication with the world tends to render what once seemed important as relatively meaningless, and what once seemed meaningless as meaningful. When a person breathes in the meaning of another organism using their heart field, a subtle shift occurs within, whether subtle or major, that forever changes them. The ancient Greeks referred to this kind of silent, invisible heart-based communication as aesthesis, which means “to breathe in.”
      Heart-Based Hospitality incorporates heart-based perception and communication into the guest experience to provide new levels of hospitality. By means of heart-based perception, hotel staff can feel intuitively and energetically how a guest feels and what his needs are at any moment. Anyone can develop heart-based perception, and Heart-Based Hospitality provides various tools to develop it.

      The Heart and Energy Fields

      The heart, which holds the title as the organ with the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body, can sense the heart of another individual up to 4 metres away. Since the brain is highly sensitive to the reactions of the heart, it is able to pick up this kind of electromagnetic “heart sensing” and essentially alter the brain waves of another individual, as well as themselves, and/or actually synchronize their brainwaves with the other person’s.
      Most of us have met a person whose presence, for no apparent reason, caused a sense of discomfort – whether it was sadness, anger, anxiety, or any other uneasy feeling – that warranted the decision to not forge a deeper connection with them. Just as we may not know why we felt this way around them, as they said all the right words and presented themselves in a “socially acceptable” way, we often may not pick up on the fact that this is occurring because of the other person’s energy and it is, in reality, not personal at all.
      In this way, the electromagnetism of the heart greatly shapes our relationships, guiding us by what seems to be an almost effortless gravitation to connect with the heart fields of some people who then become friends and/or romantic partners, and steering us away from people whose heart energies clash with our own.
      We know that the heart emits electromagnetic energy. Research carried out by HeartMath has shown that this energy carries messages and information into a field environment that is shared by and connects everyone. It is because of this, that hotel staff can be shown how to apply the knowledge in order to change the vibration of guest rooms, facilities, and the hotel as a whole so that they feel more pleasant to be in; and also in order to increase the feelings of wellbeing, contentment, and peace of the guests.
      As you watch the following video, please consider the possibilities this knowledge offers for hospitality.

      Developing the Potential and Discovering the Possibilities of Heart-Based Hospitality

      While I know in my heart that the hotel industry globally will inevitably abandon its infatuation with the ever so limited concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction and change wholeheartedly to Heart-Based Hospitality, I feel sad that it will take many years for the change to come about; sad because mankind will be stuck with the current, global concept of hospitality for many more years to come in spite of growing awareness that there is something wrong with it.
      Heart-Based Hospitality is not a fancy name for another corporate customer service training programme. It is a completely new direction in hospitality – one which is aligned with the spiritual essence of hospitality; with our spiritual nature; with the discoveries about the energetic nature of the human heart; with the discoveries in the quantum energy sciences about the energetic nature of the universe and human beings; with the texts of mankind’s main religious traditions; and with the wisdom of ancient cultures in Tibet, the Andes, Egypt, etc. In contrast, SOP-Customer Satisfaction is a left brain, corporate construct, which serves the efficiency and expansion needs of hotel groups according to a mass production-oriented corporate template.
      The more I explore the possibilities of Heart-Based Hospitality, the more I realise how little I have scratched the surface of what is possible, and that I probably never will do more than scratch the surface. As morescientific research is carried out into heart energy, we learn more ways to open the heart; to increase the vibration of the energy emitted by the heart; and to affect the energy of spaces and the feelings of people in beautiful ways. As more is learned about how ancient cultures worked with energy; and as more is learned about the energetic nature of the universe, more ways appear in which hoteliers can change the feeling of the hospitality provided. Compared to the beautiful future of hospitality, we are living in very dark days.
      While SOP-Customer Satisfaction has a ceiling in 100% conformity to the SOPs, there is no ceiling to Heart-Based Hospitality. There is no limit to how warm, caring, compassionate, and loving hospitality can become. The more you develop the spiritual capacity of the hotel staff; the more you open their heart; the more you deepen them in the essential core values of genuine hospitality; the more you develop the powers of their heart; and the more you heal their heart; the more intensely loving they can become.
      I have created the direction, but it needs others to get involved in order to develop its potential. What I dread, though, is that a hotel group corporate office will adopt it and turn it into another version of SOP-Customer Satisfaction like what happened with the concept of “Creating Truly Memorable Experiences” (CTME), a concept whose spiritual essence was divested by corporate offices around the world.
      When I look back at CTME I realise how limited that concept is. Heart-Based Hospitality, though, takes hospitality so much further by opening the door to an infinite number of levels or degrees of hospitality. But love and energy have yet to become acceptable words in corporate offices, and most probably they will not be acceptable for many years to come. I think it will take 15+ years before corporate hoteliers will dare to use these words in their board rooms and strategies. At the moment, there is not even a listening ear.

      Hyatt’s Venture Into Empathy

      Mr. Hoplamazian seems to have realised that generally speaking in the hotel industry, hospitality has lost its way, and he is trying to restore it to its essence. But in its essential form, hospitality is a spiritual path trodden with practical feet, and whose adornment are the spiritual core values of Loving Kindness, Compassion, and the Heart-warming Care, which stems from love for fellow human beings.

      Empathy is not the way to restore hospitality to its essence. It is better than what the industry is providing, but it is far from providing the key, which are the essential core values of genuine hospitality and which are based in Love. But Love is not a corporate concept as yet, unfortunately, so nothing can be done.

      Empathy is merely one aspect of Care, but Empathy has been diluted out of hospitality by the obsolete concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction, which prevails throughout the hotel industry. Mr. Hoplamazian has simply picked out one aspect of Care, which should have been focused on by every hotel group for many decades, but which hasn’t been. In that respect, he is blazing a new path, but that path is not the Holy Grail of hospitality. It is merely a small, minor path, which leads in the general direction of what Socrates would probably call the Ideal of Hospitality.

      If he really wants to guide Hyatt and the hotel industry towards genuine hospitality, then he will have to change the focus to Love and Compassion, not merely to Empathy / Understanding.

      Love is what is missing in hospitality nowadays, and while Compassion is rooted in Love, Empathy is not.

      However, to create a concept of hospitality in his hotel group, which is rooted in Love, he will have to turn to the ancient knowledge of spirituality for help, and to learn how to use and change energy. But Spirituality and Energy are not corporate concepts as yet, unfortunately, so nothing can be done.

      Nevertheless, at least Mr.Hoplamazian is raising awareness that hospitality has lost its way. Empathy is a good start. One day, the hotel industry will discover the business benefits of creating hospitality with Spirituality and Energy, and hospitality will gradually be restored to its essence. The hotel and wellness industries will then be transformed, and they will have a new role in service to mankind.

      The Problem with Current Trends in the Hotel Industry

      I think that the trend towards introducing more and more technology into hotels reflects how the hotel industry has lost its way, and how it is searching with some desperation to infuse hospitality with what hoteliers feel instinctively is missing.

      What is missing is the spiritual essence of hospitality, namely loving kindness and compassion, and the resulting heart-warming care, which flows more and more as the essence is restored. Technology and increasing efficiency will not restore this essence.

      But it is hard for hoteliers, who have been raised in the materialistic concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction, to conceive that anything other than technology and increased efficiency can provide what is missing in hospitality. “Spirituality” and “Love” are not words, which you hear in corporate boardrooms or at hotel conferences, it seems. I wrote articles over many years about how to restore this spiritual essence in practical ways, though I did not touch on everything because I felt that I was writing into the wind.

      Heart-Based Hospitality is about using human energy to create an energetic guest experience, which is based on the spiritual essence of hospitality. Though it will become known by different names, this will be the future of hospitality – how it will be created and provided.

      The hotel guest experience will feel very different in the future. You will feel it energetically because we all have an energy system, though education systems and corporate offices ignore its existence or are unaware of it. But when corporate offices discover energy, and discover how you can use it, energetic, Heart-Based hospitality rooted in loving kindness, compassion, and the resulting heart-warming care, will sweep the whole industry and revolutionise it. There will be an immense shake-up because some giant hotel groups will surely fall by the wayside as they either resist change or cannot change quickly enough.

      As hotel staff become their true self more and more, they will want to show loving kindness and compassion more and more, without having to be told to do so. But that beautiful future is still at least 10-15 years away because the hotel industry is stuck in materialistic thinking about the nature of hospitality.

      The corporate folks who dominate the world of hospitality would realise that they have lost their way, if they were to ask themselves: “Is what we provide the highest spiritual level of hospitality, which mankind can create? Does it reflect the spiritual essence of what every religious tradition has taught?”

      “The Next Big Thing” According to Some Hotel Group CEOs

      No disrespect intended, but hotel group CEOs are missing the irony of their prophecies about the “Next Big Thing”.

      They are all looking outwards for physical, tangible things – things which they can buy – and which they think or hope will change the hospitality experience. They have worked through more than one repeat-cycle of “the Next Big Thing” – the beds, the room amenities, the designs, the brand, the local experience, and technology. Now technology is back once again to being the “Next Big Thing”.

      The irony is that the revolution in hospitality will not come from something tangible. Indeed, what will create the revolution is closer to the CEO than his life’s vein; and closer to him than his laptop screen. It lies in the use of (human) energy – heart energy, thought energy, consciousness, and spirituality (loving kindness, compassion, and the resulting heart-warming care).

      The revolution will come from something invisible, (but measurable with scientific equipment, I should add) and heart-based; from something which you have to go inside to discover, but it extends outwards from you energetically. But they cannot understand this.

      Indeed, if you are working inside the mechanistic Newtonian worldview as opposed to the energetic and spiritual Quantum worldview, which replaced it in 1925, then this is all you can understand and accept.

      Who would dare to stand up in a corporate Board Room and say, “I think that we should focus on energy, spirituality, and consciousness to increase our share value.” The person would become the laughing stock in the C-Suites, and lose his chance to climb the ladder to Corporate Heaven.

      Yet, this is the knowledge found in ancient cultures and traditions, monasteries in Tibet, the Andes, and Egypt, and in mainstream religious texts; and verified by quantum science and the energy sciences, which the CEOs are completely unaware of, and which will revolutionise hospitality.

      I think that this direction will remain undiscovered by the hotel corporate folks for at least 10 years, possibly for longer. So, until then, the cycle of “the Next Big Thing” will repeat itself again and again. It is so frustrating to watch them.

      Judging a CEO’s Legacy

      When a hotel group CEO leaves a hotel company, the tendency nowadays is to measure a CEO’s legacy essentially by how much bigger he made the company in size, and by how much the share value rose. Should we not also be judging the CEO’s legacy by asking how much the CEO made the company serve mankind more; and how much he revolutionised the hospitality experience in a way that has changed people’s lives? I don’t think that simply making the share value rise by (5)% and increasing the hotel group’s size by (8)% is enough to talk meaningfully about the CEO’s legacy.

      When judging the CEO’s legacy, should we not also ask, if the hotel group, as a result of his tenure, transformed the hospitality experienced by the guests? By this I am referring to the emotional and energetic aspect of the guest experience, and not to whether he implemented greater use of technology.

      Did he upgrade the worldview of the hotel group to the Quantum worldview so that hospitality could rise to levels far above what is considered possible with the current, obsolete Newtonian worldview? By this I mean, did he leave the hotel group rooted in the mechanical, emotionless SOP-Customer Satisfaction guest experience concept or did he realise that this concept has had its day and so he changed it?

      Did he use scientific discoveries and ancient knowledge to revolutionise hospitality in his hotel group or did he merely follow the crowd and copy what every other hotel group is doing?

      If the CEO did none of these, is his legacy one to be proud of?

      The Phantom DNA Effect

      A man called Dr. Vladimir Poponin conducted some experiments in the early 1990’s that are very relevant to the hotel industry. His finding is called “the DNA Phantom Effect”.

      Before his work, science had already demonstrated that our emotions affect our DNA either positively or negatively, depending on the nature (vibration or energy) of our thoughts and emotions.

      But what Dr. Poponin’s studies showed was that human DNA can and does directly affect the physical world. In other words, our thoughts and emotions affect the physical world according to the energy or vibration of the thoughts and emotions. Loving thoughts have a high, positive vibration.

      The experiments began when patterns of light (or energy) in a vacuum were measured in a controlled environment. All of the air was removed and the light particles (or photons) followed a random distribution. Dr. Poponin then introduced a physical chain of human DNA. In the presence of the human DNA the photons changed positions from a random distribution to a pattern of a wave that aligned with the DNA. The DNA clearly affected the energy of the photons. That was the first surprise.

      The next surprise came when they removed the DNA from the chamber. It was expected that the photons would return to the random distribution. But the photons stayed in the wave position created from the introduction of the DNA. As the study continued, so long as the vacuum was not disturbed the photons stayed in the wave position for as long as a month after the DNA was removed. The human DNA affected the energy even when it was no longer there!

      Science has now proven that our DNA can affect energy and the world around us. Isn’t that how Energy Healing, Reiki and Prayer work? Science is finally starting to prove what many of us believed all along.

      Now, if your thoughts and emotions can affect your DNA and your DNA can affect all of the energy and the area around you, what kind of guest experience, spirit, and energy could hotel staff actually create when they are close to guests or just throughout the hotel area, if they focused their energy on loving kindness, heart-warming care, compassion, and empathy? Heart-Based hospitality not only strengthens this focus continuously, but it also raises the vibration of the body’s heart energy field so that the DNA of the staff can exert a high vibration on their immediate environment and surrounding area.

      You can begin to see the vast difference between the pervasive SOP-Customer Satisfaction guest experience, which you find throughout the global hotel industry, and Heart-Based Hospitality. SOP-Customer Satisfaction tends to dull the emotions of hotel staff and to create a flat-feeling guest experience because the staff are focused on performing their job skills. Their thoughts and emotions are affecting their DNA, which in turn is imprinting a dull vibration throughout the hotel. Heart-Based Hospitality in contrast raises the vibration of the staff by focusing on loving kindness, compassion, heart-warming care and empathy, with the result that the DNA of the staff imprints a much higher vibration in guest interactions and in the physical area of the hotel.

      The implications of experiments, such as the Phantom DNA Effect, are far-reaching for the hospitality industry, but is there a listening ear while the drums in the corridors of corporate offices beat the monotonous rhythm of SOP-Customer Satisfaction?

      The Passion of the Big Chains for Boutique and Independent Hotels

      Hilton has announced Tapestry Collection as its newest brand. It is envisaged to be a brand of boutique-style hotels. All of the big chains have now created new brands for boutique-style or independent hotels or have taken over an existing group of such hotels.

      The big chains obviously understand that guests are preferring more and more to stay in individually designed and operated hotels rather than in the branded hotels, which are clones of a fairly emotionless, efficiency-oriented, corporate template.

      It is fair to say, I think, that the big hotel groups know they have a serious problem with the hospitality concept of their main corporate brand, which can no longer be concealed. As a result, they are creating new brands around independent hotels and boutique hotels, which are not bound by a mechanistic concept of hospitality. They seem to sense, at last, that the future of hotel hospitality does not lie with the cloning of an old-style, mechanistic, corporate template.

      However, by creating a boutique brand, they will most probably be using the same corporate templates to create it, which they use to create the main corporate brand, which is losing its appeal. As they expand, the new boutique brands will then become corporate in nature and they will lose their appeal, thereby leaving the big hotel group corporate office folks back at square one.

      They only have one