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Peter McAlpine is the Senior Consultant at Renaissance Consulting Ltd. in Thailand, and a Co-Founder of HATSS.

He specializes in pre-opening 5-star hotels and resorts; in creating an energetically strong guest experience, which he calls Heart-Based Hospitality; and in upgrading hotels from the pervasive level of SOP-Customer Satisfaction to this level.

The company’s strength lies in creating a guest experience, which has very tangibly warm energy, and which is strong in loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care.

After working with The Peninsula Bangkok Mr. McAlpine set out to find ways tocreate a guest experience, which was not mechanical in nature or emotionally and energetically flat, and which was also strong in the energy of love and compassion for fellow human beings. This led him to studying and applying to the guest experience:

• how ancient cultures used energy to influence the physical environment, and to heal;
• what quantum science has discovered about energy and consciousness;
• the remarkable discoveries of thought and heart energy research; and,
• ways to change energy, to condition the energy of spaces, and to send loving-kind energy.

Mr. McAlpine’s goal is to leave a legacy for the global hotel industry by providing a new direction, which will enable the hotel industry to create levels of hospitality far above and beyond the artificial ceiling imposed by the chain hotel groups, and which stems from the use of the obsolete,current concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction.

For now, though, the corporate offices of over 65 of the industry’s main hotel groups cannot see the beautiful and business possibilities offered by energetic, heart-based hospitality whose foundation is loving kindness, compassion, and the resulting heart-warming care, and which is aligned perfectly with new science, the Teachings of the main religions, the traditions of ancient cultures in Tibet, the Andes, Egypt, and the American South-West, and human nature, unlike the current concepts and paradigms upheld by the hotel industry.

However, the day will come when the hotel industry realises that it has reached a dead end with current paradigms and concepts, which, combined with the influx of more and more technology, are removing the spirit and essence of genuine hospitality from the guest experience. Eventually, customers will demand change, and the hotel industry will embrace a completely new direction.Hospitality will then return to its origin.

    We are the only company, which creates Heart-Based Hospitality.