A Letter to General Managers
 /  A Letter to General Managers

      This letter outlines how we can help your hotel.

      The spiritual essence of true hospitality is selfless loving kindness, genuine compassion, and sincere heart-warming care. Heart-based Hospitality restores this missing, timeless essence to the guest experience, and thereby transforms the hotel’s spirit of hospitality.

      Heart-based Hospitality Is the Future of Hospitality
      Knowing how to touch the heart; how to heal a hurting heart; how to create in employees and guests the soft and gentle feelings of inner peace and happiness; how to create in the employees a burning, heartfelt desire to show loving kindness and compassion; and how to change the energetic feel of a guest room or facility, all belong to the future of hotel hospitality. A new approach to hospitality, which meets the unspoken emotional, healing, and wellness needs of guests is urgently needed, and this is what Heart-based Hospitality can provide when implemented fully. This is what we create in hotels.

      Heart-based Hospitality Meets the Needs of Guests
      The prevailing concept used by hotels throughout the world to create the guest experience is SOP-Customer Satisfaction. It focuses on training service procedures in order to provide a very efficient standard of service. The spirit of hospitality is not the main thing in this concept.

      The weakness of the concept is that it does not create hospitality, which is very soft, gentle, and strong in loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, and which creates a special feeling throughout the hotel. Nowadays, the needs of guests are different to when SOP-Customer Satisfaction was created many decades ago, and those needs are becoming increasingly emotional, spiritual, wellness-oriented, and healing in nature.

      A Hotel’s Financial Success
      A hotel’s financial success already lies in its ability to meet these needs, and it will continue to be so into the foreseeable future. Indeed, over the coming years, guests will seek out hotels more and more, which are known to provide hospitality at the level of Heart-based Hospitality. Hotels will have to adapt in order to survive. Does Heart-based Hospitality increase occupancy and revenue? Absolutely!

      How We Create Heart-based Hospitality
      The starting points are for the hotel to align its mission and vision statement with this level of hospitality and for the leaders to learn what leadership behaviours will help to create Heart-based Hospitality.

      All of the employees then attend a workshop that enables them to create a guest experience, which is strong in the spirit of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. The workshop not only shows the employees in many practical way show to create such a guest experience, but more importantly, it develops the emotional desire to want to do so, and to want to increase their own capacity to show ever-increasing levels of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care to the guests. Traditional training methods cannot do this.

      At the end of the workshop the participants usually say that they understand the feelings and needs of the guests more clearly, and that they feel much better able to let out the love, kindness, compassion, and warmth inside them. Many of them change noticeably afterwards, and become their true, loving selves without the mask that they are used to wearing. Indeed, you will commonly see employees showing as much loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care as they can without thinking, if it is too much. They let themselves go, and the spirit of hospitality becomes a beautiful experience.

      “The Nature of Heart-Based Hospitality”

      The Spirit of Heart-Based Hospitality

      To help the employees to provide such hospitality they also learn ancient knowledge about energy, energy techniques; knowledge from thought energy, heart energy, and consciousness research; and how to use this to change the energetic feeling of the hotel. There is nothing magical, mysterious, or “New Age” about this knowledge. The hotel industry is simply ignoring and not taking advantage of what our ancestors knew and what the New Science has discovered. Heart-based Hospitality embraces it fully to transform the traditional SOP-Customer Satisfaction spirit of hospitality.

      The 11 Elements Follow-Up Programme
      This is essential when creating Heart-based Hospitality, and hotels are strongly advised not to ignore it. Simply carrying out the Heart-based Hospitality workshops is not enough for Heart-based Hospitality to take root in the long-term. The follow-up deepening programme, activities, and structure in the 11 Elements are essential to the process of increasing and reinforcing the spirit of the guest experience. If the deepening programme and the 11 Elements are not implemented, the change process will weaken and eventually fade away. It is so important that we give hotels all the abundant materials and activities for no charge at all.

      Indeed, we provide hotels with over 4 years of material to use so that the leaders can follow up on the workshops; deepen the employees in the core values of genuine hospitality; soften the employees and the guest experience further; and increase the energy and spirit of Heart-based Hospitality continuously. The result will be that the guest experience becomes characterized by an ever-growing spirit of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, even with employee turnover. Moreover, the employees will become happier and the guests will be affected by the energy.

      Final Comments
      Heart-based Hospitality meets people’s needs to feel loved and to be understood in a spirit of compassion. Love in Heart-based Hospitality is not romantic love. It is compassionate love for fellow human beings, which is developed in the employees by using a synergistic variety of ways, which include energy techniques and meditations, and which open up the heart; develop each employee’s power of intuition; and not only increase their desire to show loving kindness and compassion to the guests, but also develop their desire to show increasing levels of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care.

      The approach to creating hospitality is very different to what is the norm in SOP-Customer Satisfaction where the focus is on training people how to carry out the brand standards and their SOPs as efficiently as possible. Nowadays, more and more guests want an experience, which is strong in loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, and they will choose to stay at a hotel, which can provide it.

      As the process of change unfolds, the energy of the employees and the property changes, which in turn affects the guests positively. When you change the energy of the employees, you change the guest experience. Knowing how to change the energy of hotel employees is actually the key to creating levels of guest experience above 5 Stars.

      One day, this will be understood throughout the hotel industry, and Heart-based Hospitality will become the new norm. Unlike with SOP-Customer Satisfaction where 100% compliance with the SOPs is the ceiling, there is no ceiling to the spirit of hospitality which you can create in Heart-based Hospitality because it is based on the timeless values of love, kindness, compassion, and sincere care.

      Heart-based Hospitality enables a hotel to distinguish itself from the global competition by becoming known for providing hospitality, which is strong in the energy and spirit of love and compassion. Each hotel can become unique according to how much effort it puts into developing the hearts of its employees and increasing their capacity to infuse their service activities and the hotel property with love, kindness, compassion, and warmth.

      The human heart and energy are the last untouched areas in the hotel industry, and they are where the money will be made. We will provide you with all the help you need, if you wish to travel on this exciting and rewarding journey.