The Holy Grail for the Hotel Industry: Knowing How to Create an Energetic, Emotional Guest Experience
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The Holy Grail for the Hotel Industry: Knowing How to Create an Energetic, Emotional Guest Experience

The Holy Grail for the hotel industry is being able to create a guest experience, which is strong in the soft and gentle energy of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care; which touches the heart and makes the staff and guests feel so much happier; whose emotional energy can be increased easily and continuously; which opens the door to limitless undiscovered levels of guest experience; and which multiplies a hotel’s revenue substantially. To create it hotels will have to abandon current, obsolete, corporate paradigms and concepts, such as SOP-Customer Satisfaction, and apply ancient knowledge about energy and quantum science.

When the hotel industry eventually turns its attention to the possibilities for the guest experience of using knowledge about the body’s energy field and thought energy, hoteliers will have discovered the means to making the greatest transformation in the hospitality guest experience since the hotel industry began. They will have discovered how to create an energetic guest experience with unlimited levels of emotion, gentleness, and softness.

An energetic guest experience has a special feeling, spirit, and energy about it. You do not forget it because of the feelings it creates in you. It is not created by social media, technology, emotionless SOPs, by changing theamenities to an exclusive brand, or other methods traditionally used by hotels. It is created by using a variety of elements, including ancient knowledge, quantum science, supporting energy enhancement systems, energy techniques, and knowledge about thought energy and heart energy. Knowing how to use, change, and send energy to create an energetic, emotional guest experience is perhaps the Holy Grail for the hotel industry.

Knowledge about the power of thoughts and how to use them to affect the environment and people around you is ancient. It is not something New Age or cultish. It is taught in all the major world religions and is a part of the traditions of ancient cultures in the Andes and Tibet. Thought energy has not only been explained by quantum science, but various branches of science are exploring ways to use it to the benefit of mankind. The hotel industry seems to be totally unaware of what it is missing out on. The financial benefits of exploring this area are inestimable! But the trouble seems to be that energy is not politically respectable enough for corporate offices.

Itshould not be difficult for hoteliers to accept that our thoughts are energy and that they have the power to create happiness and to change people because it is this same energy, which is used in spas to make the guests feel wonderfully happy. The whole hotel experience can be made to feel like a spa experience when hoteliers abandon their left brain paradigm about how to create the guest experience.

This photograph of the energy field of a finger shows someone sending energy as thoughts. The more emotion in the thoughts, the higher the vibration of the energy will be. So, if hotels develop in their staff the desire to show loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, which is what energetic Heart-Based Hospitality does, the energy spread around the hotel will have a pleasant, high frequency feeling. The staff will feel happier by exuding such energy and sending it deliberately to guests and hotel facilities, and the guests will enjoy their stay much more. The knowledge of how to do this is the Holy Grail of the hotel industry.

Hotels should teach their staff about the energy, which is all around us, and how to use, send, and change it. Scientists call it by different names, such as “The Field” and “The Matrix”. It is measurable with simple instruments and it can be photographed. The energy field of a hotel can be photographed, and the energy in a guest room can even be measured and shown on a graph – both before and after cleaning the energy in the room. Knowing how to clean the energy in a guest room is useful, if the guests have been unhappy, as this low frequency energy will probably be felt by the next guests to occupy the room. Indeed, cleaning the energy of a guest room should be included in the daily room remake and turndown services. Once the staff know how to use and change energy there are no limits to the emotion they can create in the guest experience.

When NASA took photos of space using the Chandra Observatory they were able to see that space is not empty. In fact, space, including the space between you and this article, is made up of energy that looks much like the neural networks in our brain. It is anintelligent Field that responds to the energy of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Once the hotel industry knows how to change the energy of the employees, and how to send energy, hotels will be able to create limitless levels of guest experience, which are strong in the energy of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care.

Hotels should also teach the staff about the human energy field. They should show them the science about how thoughts affect people and the world around them. Help them to understand that the energy is real by showing them the scientific studies of how thoughts affect the energy field of other people, and how their thoughts can make people feel happier. Even show them scientific studies of how farmers in various countries are using thought energy to increase the yields and quality of their crops.Science has shown many times over the last 50 years how plants respond to our thoughts.It is amazing that the hotel industry has not latched onto the possibilities of using energy.

The use of thought energy even made it onto the agenda of the Rio +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in 2012. Why does it not get included in hotel industry conferences? Indeed, the use of energy in creating the hotel guest experience of the future should be the theme of major hotel industry conferences.

Why does the hotel industry refuse to walk down this road? Is it fear of change? Perhaps it reflects a reluctance to admit that there is something better than the traditional SOP-Customer Satisfaction approach. I do not think that it reflects well on the industry leaders that they either ignore or cannot see the inevitable direction, which the hotel industry is going totake.You would expect hotel chains to jump at the idea of creating energetic hospitality, but corporate offices seem to be so entrenched in the Rut of Tradition, and so closed to any ideas, which cannot be bought in a box.

Hotel training should move into the area of helping the staff to change the frequency of the energy, which they emit. Training emotionless SOPs again and again creates a low frequency energy guest experience. Skills training and coaching should be blended with energy techniques and the three essential core values of hospitality – loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care – so that they createa warm guest experience, not just a correct one. Train every SOP so that the staff infuse them with the core values above. Train the Trainer workshops will obviously need to change their approach.

Meditations, such as love energy meditations, create wonderful high frequency energy feelings in people and spaces. Just 3-5 minutes of sending love energy in a briefing will change the spirit and energy vibration of the service in a restaurant, for example. With the right equipment you can photograph the energetic changes. Some energy techniquescreate a strong desire in you to want to show loving kindness and compassion, and they soften you.

Kitchen staff should learn about thought energy. The effect of thoughts on food and water is not only taught in the major world religions, but it has also been studied scientifically. The energetic effect of thoughts on food has even been photographed. The same goes for the effect of loving thoughts on water and liquids. Indeed, there are simple energetic ways to reduce the bitterness of coffee and to improve the taste of wine so that it tastes like an aged wine.

The starting point for change is the hotel’s mission/vision statement. Hotels cannot create an emotional, energetic guest experience with amission/vision statement that focuses on creating a traditional, satisfying guest experience.The statement should state that the goal is to create a guest experience, which is characterised by a life-changing, rejuvenating, soft, energetic spirit of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care; an experience that makes the guests say: “I really feel loved.”; “They really understand what I need.”; “The staff are so loving and caring.”; “The service is so warm, gentle, and soft.”; and “I don’t want to go home.”You create these feelings by changing the energy of your staff, not by piling on amenities and technology, or by becoming more efficient with your SOPs. This is the future of the hotel industry. Why wait?

Deepen the staff about these core values with stories, spiritual quotations, songs, music, and videos. The more you deepen the staff, the softer and gentler the guest experience will become. The staff will feel happier as they allow their real nature to shine through, and as they take off the mask, which the current style of guest experience tends to force them to wear.

The focus of the Training function should expand by incorporating a variety of energy techniques to create a spirit of loving kindness, compassion, gentleness, softness, graciousness, and charm. These qualities are in us all, but traditional hotel training techniques do not develop them.

In my opinion, hospitality has become so westernized that it has been stripped of its essential emotion-filled components of loving kindness and compassion. These have been replaced by emotionless SOP manuals, emotionless policies and procedures about how to care for guests, and emotionless technology. Love has been surgically removed from hospitality, which itself has been downgraded to an almost robotic experience that focuses on satisfying guests according to emotionless and mechanical SOPs.

As energy techniques change the staff, they look at their job very differently. Their area of work becomes like their home and every guest who walks into their home is seen as a very special person whom they want to leave their home feeling happy and smiling. A new, gentle spirit of hospitality from the heart grows in the staff and throughout the hotel. The desire to make the ordinary extraordinary and to anticipate people’s needs grows from the inside. The spirit of service becomes like in this quotation, which I use often to convey the nature of heart-warming care:

“Be kind to all peoples; care for every person; do all ye can to purify the hearts and minds of men; strive ye to gladden every soul. To every meadow be a shower of grace, to every tree the water of life; be as sweet musk to the sense of humankind, and to the ailing be a fresh, restoring breeze. Be pleasing waters to all those who thirst, a careful guide to all who have lost their way; be father and mother to the orphan, be loving sons and daughters to the old, be an abundant treasure to the poor.” Baha’i Writings
The energetic guest experience is the hotel industry’s Holy Grail. In the future,it will enable hotelsto evolve into placesof wellness, healing, and spiritual rejuvenation, where the guest experience is strong in the soft and gentle energy of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. The guest experience will touch the heart and make the staff and guests feel so much happier. Hotels will be able to increase the emotional energy easily and continuously, far above the current ceiling of 5-Stars. The hotels, which create it successfully, will multiply their revenue substantially. So, why wait?

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