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Introduction : A Note About HBH Articles

Here are some of my many articles about Heart-Based Hospitality. They tend to be very critical of the SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept, which you find throughout the hotel industry.

The earlier articles urged the hotel industry to upgrade itself and to think in terms of Creating Truly Memorable Experiences, a concept, which I created and expounded upon. The industry adopted the concept, but ignored the essential spiritual aspect of this concept of hospitality, and so little changed.

I developed the concept further by using ancient knowledge and scientific discoveries as outlined at The Training, and created the concept of Heart-Based Hospitality, which enables the hotel industry to create levels of hospitality far, far above SOP-Customer Satisfaction.

It works beautifully, and creates a wonderful spirit of hospitality, which corporate offices can only dream about, and I have written many articles about it, some of which are here, but it seems to be far too advanced for the hotel industry to accept at the moment. The very limited, western concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction promoted by corporate offices worldwide has such a stranglehold on the hotel industry that it will take many years before the hotel industry will be able to free itself from the chains that are holding it back.

The articles presented here are definitely rebellious, and I hope that they will encourage hoteliers to use the ideas to create unimagined levels of hospitality in their hotels. I also hope that people will develop the concept of Heart-Based Hospitality beyond what I can to create levels of hospitality, which I have not imagined.

When you work with energy and you root hospitality in loving kindness and compassion, and heart-warming care in a synergistic way and develop it within a structure, which I call The 11 Elements, there are no limits to what hospitality can become. SOP-Customer Satisfaction pales into a distant shadow in comparison!

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Peter McAlpine

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