Energetic Heart-Based Hospitality – The Future of the Guest Experience
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Energetic Heart-Based Hospitality – The Future of the Guest Experience

The future of the hotel guest experience does not lie with the pervasive, emotionless and mechanical SOP-Customer Satisfaction guest experience concept. This obsolete concept will fade away because it is a weak reflection of the spiritual nature of true hospitality and because it does not embrace the fullness of human nature. In contrast, the guest experience of the future will be strong in the energy of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. It will also be energetic in nature and created by using, changing, conditioning, and sending energy. Hotels will compete on the basis of the energetic feeling of their hotel, especially in the luxury hotel sector.

People are tiring of the cloning and copying of an emotionless, mechanical, corporate SOP-Customer Satisfaction template. This guest experience concept is based on an obsolete, materialistic and mechanical world view, which goes back to the 17th Century, and which quantum science has proved to be incomplete. Most importantly it does not meet the spiritual needs of human beings and our need to show and receive love. I cannot believe that chain hotel corporate office people create their family life around this loveless and emotionless concept, yet they impose it on the world.

Understanding heart energy (and thought energy, of course) is paramount in creating an energetic guest experience. The heart produces an electromagnetic energy field, which extends about 3 metres around the body. Knowing how to change this energy field and the energy emitted from the heart is the key to creating Heart-Based Hospitality, and knowing how to use, change, and send energy will be vital in attracting business in the future. I know that hotel groups think that technology will be the distinguishing factor, but when every group has the same technology, what then? The energy of the guest experience will be the distinguishing factor, and heart energy is the key to creating an energetic, Heart-Based Hospitality guest experience, which is soft, gentle, and strong in loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care.

In contrast, the old-style SOP-Customer Satisfaction guest experience is based on a left brain, mechanical approach to hospitality. As a result, it lacks the high frequency energy, which comes from loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, as well as from energy techniques, and it produces in the staff and the hotel a much lower frequency of energy, which feels flat. This energy can be measured and photographed with Kirlian and GDV photography, so there is no denying its effects on people and buildings.

If hotels want to create a guest experience that is strong in high frequency energy, they must stop copying the big hotel chains, which perpetuate the obsolete, old-style SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept, perhaps mostly for their shareholders. Change and progress in the hotel industry will not come by copying their traditional ideas and methods, but hotels continue to copy them blindly.

Hospitality has become westernized and corporatized, and has been stripped of its spiritual essence of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care. These have been replaced by emotionless, efficiency-focused SOP manuals and policies and procedures about how to serve guests. Now technology that removes human interaction has become the “Next Big Thing”. Love has become a persona non grata, and hospitality has been downgraded to an almost robotic experience that focuses on satisfying guests according to emotionless SOPs. Hospitality without its spiritual essence is like a meadow or a tree deprived of water. The blind are truly leading the blind.

Here is a common scenario when opening hotels. The Department Heads are given or they create emotionless SOP manuals, which are usually a mixture of western hotel group manuals. The Team Leaders train the SOPs and then the staff implement them out obediently. The Training Manager supports the process by carrying out corporate Customer Satisfaction workshops, which reinforce the left brain-oriented guest experience while hotel audits reinforce the focus on emotionless SOPs. The guest experience is orderly, efficient, organized, very corporate, and squeaky-clean. But from an emotional and energetic point of view the guest experience is very flat. Why?

Firstly, hoteliers must understand that thoughts are energy and that the frequency of the thought energy affects the energy produced by the heart. The frequency of the energy also affects the energy of the body’s electromagnetic energy field and the vibrations, which it sends out into the hotel environment. The SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept creates in the staff a lot of low frequency heart energy because it is a mechanical, left brain concept. Each member of staff’s energy field is filled with this low frequency energy and they send it out towards the guests and the hotel area. The result is that the staff feel emotionally flat while the guest experience and the hotel are characterized by low frequency energy. You cannot expect SOP-Customer Satisfaction to feel different. This is why SOP-Customer Satisfaction (chain) hotels often feel energetically flat.

In contrast, Heart-Based Hospitality feels very different. Also it is created in a very different way. You create it by opening the heart. SOP-Customer Satisfaction does not open the heart. What does “opening the heart” mean? Think of your heart as being like a dam with a huge reservoir behind it. At the side of the dam there are some sluice gates, which when open, release a small amount of water. The heart of hotel staff is similar to a dam. For the sake of this analogy replace the water with love. Because staff are so focused on carrying out emotionless SOPs, the gates are barely open and so there is very little love flowing out from the heart.

In Heart-Based Hospitality, when a member of staff opens their heart, they open all of the sluice gates as wide as they will open, and just let the love flow out with full force without asking if too much is coming out. This is how hospitality is meant to be! There is no limit to the amount of love stored behind the dam. When a person does this, they become their true self, they feel so much happier, and they become more beautiful.

In addition, the person’s energy field becomes filled with high frequency energy. The heart’s rhythm becomes coherent and emits waves of positive-feeling, high frequency energy, which changes the energy, spirit, and feeling of the guest experience and the hotel. You can even measure this energy.

You open the heart by means of touching stories about loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care – the kind, which makes you need a handkerchief. Moving videos are very helpful. There are many Tibetan-Buddhist meditations, which melt the ice around your heart and make you want to show loving kindness and compassion to everyone. A continuous programme of deepening about the core values of true hospitality is also essential, one which touches the heart every time it is used it. Heart energy techniques are also invaluable. There are many ways to open the heart.

Corporate offices have to learn how to open the hearts of their staff. But even when they can do this, they will discover that this is not enough to create Heart-Based Hospitality because their hotels are organized perfectly to create the obsolete SOP-Customer Satisfaction concept. Their mission and vision statement and Human Resources supporting systems stand in stark contrast to those required to support and develop Heart-Based Hospitality. Personally, I do not foresee the big chains changing them, and their internal organization will be their Nemesis.

Because Heart-Based Hospitality will become pervasive globally, hotel groups which do not adapt and change their internal organization, will find it harder to attract business. Why should people stay at a western chain hotel, for example, which offers a standard SOP-Customer Satisfaction guest experience when other hotels offer a soft, heart-based guest experience, which is strong in loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care, in equally attractive rooms, with similar technology, and for a similar or even lower price?

I know that the big chains will dismiss this with, “Don’t you know who we are?” But once one or two groups change, others will follow. Those that believe they do not need to change will surely suffer the same fate as countless, similar-thinking, former companies and CEOs that litter the annals of corporate business. Nowadays, it does not matter how big or famous you are. Your shareholders will leave you as fast as you can say, “Enron, Lehmann Brothers, Chrysler, Worldcom, and GM”, if they feel that the winds of change are blowing in a different direction. Then your market-leading hotel group will become just another feature in the Museum of Hospitality.

In short, to create Heart-Based Hospitality hoteliers must study heart energy research and quantum science. They must understand that:
1. Everything is made of vibrating energy. This includes buildings, plants, animals, and human beings.
2. The body produces an electromagnetic energy field, which is created mainly by the heart. Applying this will open up a huge source of revenue and safeguard the hotel’s or hotel group’s future.
3. Everything is connected to everything else. Everybody is connected to everyone else. Everybody’s energy field is connected. This is fundamental when creating Heart-Based Hospitality.
4. Our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and emotions impact the world around us according to the vibration
of the energy. You can even increase crop yields and quality with thought and heart energy. Heart-
Based Hospitality methods pay particular attention to increasing the frequency and feel of the energy. Hotels must learn how to open the hearts of their staff.
5. The internal organization must be changed to support the energetic guest experience.

Modern science is showing that when we practise heart-based living, not only are there changes inside our body, but also outside. The world around us is primarily electrical and magnetic. Hotels can use this to their advantage by reducing the almost total focus on the left side of the brain caused by the over-emphasis on SOP-Customer Satisfaction training and systems, and by spending more time developing their staff’s capacity to show loving kindness, compassion, heart-warming care in their service, and to use, change, send, and condition energy. It is very easy to do, but the Training function will need an overhaul.

Small to medium-sized hotel groups may not realize it, but now is their time. I feel sure that the big hotel groups will not change in time because they are just too big and too fixed in their ways. If small to medium-sized hotel groups create a heart-based guest experience with the supporting systems, they can and will take a large market share from the big chains. Inevitably, their shareholders will move to the heart-based hospitality hotel groups.

The guest experience should be based on true hospitality, which is spiritual in nature, such as in the following quotation, and then infused in practical ways into every SOP: “Be kind to all peoples; care for every person; do all ye can to purify the hearts and minds of men; strive ye to gladden every soul. To every meadow be a shower of grace, to every tree the water of life; be as sweet musk to the sense of humankind, and to the ailing be a fresh, restoring breeze. Be pleasing waters to all those who thirst, a careful guide to all who have lost their way; be father and mother to the orphan, be loving sons and daughters to the old, be an abundant treasure to the poor.” Baha’i Writings. The untouchable, corporate SOP manuals will need to be rewritten so that they embrace the fullness of human nature and man’s propensity to show and receive love.

The essential spirit of hospitality is like smelling the most beautiful perfume in the world. It should create the feelings, which orphans experience when they get loving parents for the first time. It should be like feeling a refreshing, cool breeze on a hot day. It should leave its footprints in the heart. Hospitality is a spiritual concept, not an emotionless, corporate concept, but this is what it has become.
It should not be about respectability and correctness. It should be about love, compassion, and intense spiritual warmth so that “… as from a bed of flowers … sweet scents be shed.”

Of course, SOPs are important, but they should be infused with the spirit of love. Staying in a hotel should be a spiritually uplifting and heart-warming experience. Heart-Based Hospitality is about creating a hotel that is an oasis of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care; a place where guests say, “I’ve never experienced such heart-warming care and compassion.”; which fulfills the dreams of the guests; and which makes them feel like they would ideally like to feel. It is so easy to create this. A medium-sized hotel group could create it in one year, which means that in one year your hotel group or hotel could become backwater, irrespective of your group’s illustrious past and present.

Heart-Based Hospitality is not theory. It works, as General Managers will attest. One General Manager has said, “The principles … were instrumental in softening the heart of the resort management and staff (at the Centara Grand Beach Resort Phuket) and creating a working environment based on loving kindness and heart-warming care. The positive energy infused by these principles had dramatic effects, raising the total satisfaction of the guests by creating exceptionally warm and memorable guest experiences in the resort. Based on this unparalleled success, we introduced this program at the Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, which I believe helped in securing the prestigious World Travel Award in 2014.” It is not uncommon for guests to weep gently or have watery eyes when they receive a farewell hug after the guest experience.

What has been noticeable is that even when the next General Manager does not support Heart-Based Hospitality, its foundation of love remains indelibly in the hotel. It is a shame that the global hotel industry insists on sticking to the old-style, emotionless, mechanical, shareholder-serving, chain hotel concept of SOP-Customer Satisfaction, especially when it cannot survive much longer in a stressful world where people need and want love more and more. What is wrong with showing love; filling the hotel with love energy; touching the hearts of the guests; and making them watery-eyed when they leave? Or are the corporate lawyers and CEOs afraid that law suits will follow?
Hospitality is all about love, not corporate political respectability, but the hotel industry has accepted an imitation, and copies it blindly from hotel to hotel, just because the big chain hotels use the concept. It is time to stop the copying epidemic and to plant the Tree of Hospitality back in the soil of loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care where the guest experience creates the feelings of smelling “sweet musk”; where the experience drips with loving kindness, compassion, and heart-warming care; and the credo is, “Let your heart burn with loving kindness for all who may cross your path.”, not “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”
When you change the frequency of people’s energy in the ways mentioned above, amongst many others, the desire to “Shed the light of boundless love on every human being whom you meet.” simply grows inside you. The two are inextricably linked. This message has been passed on for thousands of years, but corporate offices think that technology and mechanical SOPs will provide the happiness guests want.

The concept of hospitality in the near future will be heart-based, energetic, and spiritual in nature. There is no other direction to go in. For sure, many corporate offices will deny arrogantly that they need to change, but the winds of change will deal with them as they usually do to companies, which resist change. Creating Heart-Based Hospitality will be very good for business because people are silently crying out for an experience that is strong in loving kindness, compassion, heart-warming care, and intense spiritual warmth. This is especially true for the luxury hotel sector.

If you build it, they will come.

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